One year down, a million left to go!

One year ago today, Gary and I were married. It's incredible how time flies by so fast but so slowly at the same time. This past year has been a ride of epic proportions but overall, we've both decided it's been a great year. We finally feel that things are falling in to place, that we're getting to where we've wanted to be since the day we got married. To find jobs that we both love and get excited about but can also have a normal life outside of work; to build up our savings for a down payment and furniture, etc; to find a place to call home that isn't with the in-laws; to get excited about things again; It's all happening. It's not just a dream off in the distance anymore. Our one year of marriage has taught us so much and we are so thankful that we made it through all the truly tough times. Cheers to us both for that!

When Gary and I were at dinner the other night, we got to talking about our favorite moments of the past year. Naturally, we landed on our wedding day. Gary put it best when he said it felt more like an out-of-body experience, like we were watching from the outside in. I felt the same way! The day flew by as I grew more and more tired (thanks to being at the time unknowingly pregnant I'm sure!) but for the most part I remember it is phases.


I do remember feeling like my fingers were going to fall off when we were taking pictures outside but that it was SO WORTH IT;

I remember how much I LOVED taking pictures with all my favorite people;

I remember how much I loved walking around talking to people as we were feeding the fish their lunch;

I remember how good it felt to walk down the isle with my dad;

I remember holding Gary's hands up on the stage and trying not to cry;

I remember how much I loved having so many kids at the wedding;

I remember how much I ABSOLUTELY loved all the little details the photographers captured;

I remember thinking that I reallly wanted to eat both meals AND all the mini cheesecakes;

I remember opening and loving all the awesome presents we got;

I remember having the best time at our dinner at Rubaiyat;

Best of all, I remember how excited I was to start our life together.

I love you, Gary Joseph Wiest Jr. Thank you for sticking by me during this incredible year and I am still excited to be your wife!

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