I desperately need some new items in my wardrobe.

My adorable grey flats that I bought from Banana Republic when I could barely afford them in 2007 are on their last lap. Seriously, the edges are starting to fray. It's sad, because these adorable grey flats have become my FAVORITE shoe. Yes, they now trump my black converse that are currently laying on the passenger side floor in our car. Never thought that would happen but indeed it did. I wear these flats to work every single day.

I've been searching for the perfect new flat to take it's place but haven't found anything inspiring. Help!

Secondly, my white undershirts need to be thrown away. I use them way too much and it's time to rely on something else. The problem? My VS tank has treated me very well the past 8 or so years but there are multiple holes on the bottom. How classy is that? The Loft tank I have has lost all it's elasticity and has stopped hugging me in all the right places. I feel frumpy when I wear it but have no other choice. It's slightly more classy than the holed VS tank I have. Sigh. I need 2 or 3 or 4 nice new elastic white undershirts. Right now!

Although I have stopped buying clothes to save money, I may need to make an exception.



Amanda said...

What size shoes and shirts?

v.wiest said...

I'm a size 6 in shoes and small for the undershirts.