big deal? I think so

I finally made a move on buying a dress!  Woah.  It's short, adorable and cheap!  Considering it's a bridesmaid dress, it's expensive but for a wedding dress, Nope!  Swaaaaaweeeeeeeeet.

In other news, I've basically watched TV all night long.

1. Good thing channel 2 & 3 do not show up on my tv because HIMYM started again.  I soooo wanted to watch it but Gary and I have promised not to until we watch last season.  Of course, the season doesn't come out for another month.  I hate being behind!

2. The commercial for grey's made me pee myself.  almost.  I need to catch up on that too.  I honestly forget how many seasons I have so I may end up buying a season or two very, very soon.  Will I be watching the episode on Thursday? I may.  It was too intriguing not to...

3. DWTS.  I'm not normally a fan, but Audrina was on it.  She kinda freaks me out but I'm kinda hooked.  She was the first dancer and then I just kept the tv on.  So when the girl from dirty dancing came on, it was a pleasant surprise.  Did I cry? Of course! what a touching moment.  For a second I felt like I knew Patrick.  It was really sweet to watch her dance.  She truly is more beautiful now than before.  I hope she wins.

Peace out.  Let's hope the dress fits!

PS: Gary is sick :(  I took a nap with him this afternoon and then he had to go to work with a fever.  I feel so bad.  I just want to cook him chicken noodle and make him all better. 

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