I bought a hot glue gun today.

Crafting, here I come! Yes, I bought myself a cute little hot glue gun today while I was out running some errands on a unforeseen day off.

This was my life until today:

Tuesday -WMC & Albert's work
Wednesday - WMC & Albert's work
Thursday - WMC & Albert's work
Friday - WMC & Albert's work
Saturday - Albert's work
Sunday - ALL DAY Albert's work

I had no problem working this much because let's be honest, we need the money right now. However, last night became a very late night. A few guests came in 15 minutes until the restaurant closed and stayed for two whole hours. They all had a blast which was actually really fun to watch but goodness me, I wanted to go home in the worst way. Of course, going to bed right away when I get home is never easy so it was 1am before my eyes finally shut for the night. By the time my alarm clock rang this morning, I was BEYOND exhausted. Seriously, it was bad. I decided that rest was the best thing I could do and boy that felt good. I still woke up relatively early and just started tackling my hella long to-do list. Organize my letters that have been piling up for at least a month? Check. Make a to-do list? Check. Complete at least 10 of the things on my to-do list? Check.

The one thing NOT on my to-do list but nevertheless VERY important? A hot glue gun. I need to make me some wreaths. I have a few in mind for the upcoming seasons. I may or may not deviate from the original designs I see. Thanks to Pinterest, here are the ones I'm eyeballing for our first holiday at the new house:

Fourth of July Wreaths



holidays / The Creative Imperative: American Flag Wreath, Sort Of

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