Why oh why!

I woke up today on the wrong side of the bed. For no reason whatsoever, I was in a mood. No, Gary, you didn't do anything, I promise. I even slept well. Regardless, in a mood I was.

That was the case until I drove Gspice to work super early this morning. As we stopped at the red on Water Street, what passed right in front of us? A PRAIRIE FARMS distributing semi-truck. HOLY SMOKES! Decorah carries Prairie Farms products?

Well, it just so happens that my all-time, most favorite, amazingly delicious cottage cheese comes from Prairie Farms. I can't eat anything else. Walmart doesn't carry it, Fareway doesn't carry it, but I haven't really checked anywhere else in town. We saw the truck go past the other side of town when we got closer to Deco so I'm guessing the truck was headed to Quillin's.

I called Quillin's. Do they carry Prairie Farms cottage cheese? No.


My hopes of every finding Prairie Farms cottage cheese in Decorah has gone back to nothing. Sad day.

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