Terrible Timing

Gary and I FINALLLLLLY agreed to buy a new dishwasher. I never wavered on my desire for a new dishwasher but my husband thought we had enough motivation and time to do all our dishes by hand. I don't think he realized how much we both despise washing dishes. And boy do we use a lot of dishes.

Here's the pretty new dishwasher we'll be getting soon! (Maytag MDB8949 in white)

Later, on the very same day I went and bought the dishwasher, I decided it was a perfect time to resume Project Baby Quilt; and I was a very bad wife. Not only did I find and buy the new backing for Emma's quilt, I walked out with a new quilt pattern and all the fabric it needed, a couple hundred dollars more poor than when I first walked in.

Terrible timing.

Sorry, Gary....

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