Project Baby Quilt {10 & 11}

We're making progress, folks.

These two days have been my least favorite so far. I'm not a huge fan of sitting on the floor, reaching beyond where I can actually reach, having to scoot up every two seconds, etc, etc. Add in that I had to go find new needles that would actually go through three layers to create my ties -- yeah, I was a teeny bit frustrated. Just ask Gspice.

However, I pulled through and made it happen.

June 20 - Gary had his wisdom teeth pulled this day so I came home from work early to take care of him. While he was resting/napping, I ran off to the Hotel to attach my three layers together. I blasted the tunes and finished in about an hour. It was also nice because we have yet to turn on the air in our house so I got a little A/C to go along with it!

June 23 - After a rather slow day at work, I was determined to finish the quilt. That didn't quite happen because I was hot and tired, but I did get through two hours of solid (TEDIOUS) work. I bought a few different sizes of needles at Wal-Mart, one of which actually when through AND had a hole big enough for the embroidery thread to go through as well. I then tied 32 ties in to the quilt, sewed the three layers together, trimmed the excess batting and backing and removed the safety pins that were no longer needed to hold the quilt together. I feel pretty good about that! I took a break to eat a juicy roma tomato, which may have been the best part :)

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