Door Decor Craft Time {4} - Fourth of July!

After a few wreaths that took forever to make, I decided it was time to make one that was quick and super easy. This one fit the bill and it may even be my most favorite wreath so far!

I had a buddy make this with me (actually, the youngest big sis of the cutest little boy I nanny, Rose). She's a bit quirky and fun like myself and I knew if I bought some extra materials that she would likely join me in making one while Jack Attack was napping. Besides running out of ribbon, the project was super simple.

I'm sure Gary would like me to note that it was HIS idea to have the wreath hanging with the blue slightly tilted. Smarty pants. And he was so kind to go outside and take that last photo. See Peach in the window? His absolute favorite spot to be!


Amanda said...

I do like that one! What do you do with your wreaths when you are done with them? Will you reuse them year after year?

v.wiest said...

For storage, I actually have no idea yet. I just have them lying around at the moment. My plan is to make 2 years worth of wreaths and then re-use them if they stay in decent shape. Otherwise, they are pretty cheap - less than $10 a wreath.