Door Decor Craft Time {4} - the one that never was

Some of you may be wondering what happened after my last door decor post.....

Let me tell you.

I had every intention of creating something really awesome and spring-like for my Springtime Door Decor. Think GUMBALLS!
The pink ones are soooo good!

It was coming along really well but I was taking my sweet time completing it. I happened to make a ton of progress on it one day but forgot to take a picture to commemorate it. Not even an hour passed before Gary went beaming through the dining room/office and the craft toppled to the ground, splitting and breaking every which way. Gary freaked out that Peach was going to eat one of the gumballs and started raising his voice. I just giggled - it was way too funny to be at all upset. Here are some of the pretty pictures I took before it was demolished in one fell swoop. And no, I did not have the motivation to re-create it. Sorry folks!

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Amanda said...

woah, ambitious :)