Project Baby Quilt {12} - COMPLETE!

I finished the quilt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I started the day especially determined to finish the quilt TODAY. I had to! Shutterfly gave me a free 8x8 photo book which will be finished in honor of Miss Emma, whom we lost in August 2011. However, Project Baby Quilt is a feature in the book so of course, the book couldn't be finished without a finished quilt. The free photo book expires on June 26. I'm golden!

The second reason it needed to be finished is because Shutterfly is even more awesome and is offering 50% off + free shipping on items over $30. Well, I have the 2nd photo book for 2012 completed so the deals are super worth it. When do they expire? June 25. Oh boy.

The last reason it needed to be finished TODAY is because Shutterfly is the awesomest and is offering an extra 20% off to complete my order. When does this expire? TODAY.

Clearly, I had quite the motivation to finish this quilt but most of all, I am so happy I could honor Emma in this way. I am not the best quilter in the world, but this took a lot of time, energy, determination and passion. I wanted to have something that we use everyday to remember that sweet little lady. Though we never got to meet her, we love her with all our being.

And best of all, the quilt makes me smile!

The last three steps of Project Baby Quilt included creating the binding, attaching it to the front side of the quilt and then sewing it to the back of the quilt. This may have the taken the cake of being my least favorite part of the process. I am terrrrrrible at attaching binding. My mother would be appalled! (Seriously, Mom, don't look too closely when I show it to you!) However, I am not perfect and neither was Emma so nor is her quilt. The end.

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