The Bump {11} - Recap: 28-32 weeks

As I am now nearing 33 weeks, this post is a little behind. Story of my life these days, for reals. I don't think I've ever felt more mentally and physically unmotivated and tired. Though these two feelings aren't necessarily simultaneous, they sure do stop a person from being any sort of productive, especially this pregnant woman! My guess is that starting a new full-time job has zapped all my energy. I have been working so hard to be 200% productive at work to show how much I am willing and able to do for the department but that just means I come home and want to do absolutely nothing. I have on many occasions come up with a really awesome list of things to complete after work with an insane timeline to make sure we stay on task. This list typically includes the mundane everyday tasks like making dinner, doing the dishes, tidying up, doing laundry, etc. However, the moment I step in the doorway, I take off my shoes and walk directly to the couch where I will sit for a moment or two. After these two fleeting moments, there's no way I want to get back up. Happens every time! As this little bump continues to grow, I expect my complete uselessness to continue. Good luck doing ALL the chores, Gspice! :-)

Though I really have very little complaints about my pregnancy thus far, there is one annoyance that I wish I could do away with. I have this irritating pain in my upper back (on either side) when I sit for even a few minutes. I have to sit at work, I sit at home, I sit when I drive....you get the idea. I sit a lot so have this pain a lot. I find that if I lean back far enough, the pain does go away, but it certainly looks weird if I lean so far back in my work chair......If only I could lay down! And lately, I have been every bit uncomfortable on the couch whether sitting or laying down. This has been the most frustrating! As you read earlier, I sit down as I get home from work and I have a hard time moving away from such a comforting spot. However, it turns rather uncomfortable very quickly. When I get uncomfortable sitting, I attempt to lay down. As my bump grows, this gets more and more tricky. And uncomfortable. Ugh. I know this is a part of the third trimester but I hoped it would stay away until much later. Oh well!

No matter what I've experienced thus far, this pregnancy has gone really smoothly. I might try to complain but honestly, I have been so very lucky. Mini Mr. is such a good little one already and blessing his mama with an easy pregnancy. Please, little one, make labor and delivery go just as smoothly :)

My most favorite thing still has to be his movement. If you can believe it, he still has enough room in there to be VERY mobile. He wiggles, kicks and hiccups a ton! This will be the part of pregnancy I will miss the most. It makes it all so real and enjoyable. Again, I think I can tell his position from all this wiggling - he's had his head down and feet up for quite awhile so we should be all good to go as long as he stays that way!

Now on to the exciting parts of this post! I haven't been as on top of this as I've been in the past so I have only two photos to show you. The first was taken a month ago when it still felt like summer. The second one was taken after my baby shower yesterday which I will blog about another day. Just proves how unmotivated I've been. Oops!


And perhaps even more exciting.....Mini Mr. Wiest has a name! He's really had a name for quite awhile already but we've kept it a secret.

Until now!

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Kelsey Krall said...

That is a perfect name!!! You look amazing. Miss you!!