The Bump {10} - The Prego & Eggo List - SEPTEMBER

Oh how excited I've been for this month but oh how way less motivated I've been. It has been slow going for any progress on my part but I'm surprisingly okay with it. Any time I feel unmotivated, I try to do something at least somewhat productive. Like at this very moment - I'm blogging which is on my prego & eggo to-do list but what I really need to be doing is cleaning the house so it can be sprayed for bugs. Yeah, it's probably not completely necessary but our kitchen is a mess. But does this prego lady care? Not really. I'll try to get to it in the morning. We shall see :)

As with my other Prego List blog posts, here's a little snapshot of the fun things we did within the last month. Let me tell you, this was by far the most nervewrecking thing about moving in to a new place. I wanted so very badly to put up pictures and other decor but never did because I was deathly afraid of making a mistake. Turns out it wasn't that difficult! I started with one item and then realized, Holy Sh*! I can actually do this!

As far as the nursery goes, we got one step closer but we've still got MANY more to go. We've got the changing table put together but not the crib - I'd say we picked the right piece to put together first :) I also was able to buy a couple of the decor pieces but have yet to really decide where they'll be on the walls - I really need to see it all put together first. On tap - getting the glider finished and the crib put together fo sho. I think that will help.

We still have a TON to finish before Little Mr. arrives but I'm guessing a good amount of it won't actually get done. At this point, finishing even just a few things is making me feel good so we'll keep trekking!

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