The Bump {12} - Little Owen's Baby Shower!

I've got to say, my sisters and family went way beyond my expectations for Owen's baby shower. It was so darn adorable and the details... Seriously, the details were amazeballs. I am so lucky to have such creative family members and am so happy that everyone who could come got to enjoy all of it with us.

When we were thinking about what to do for a baby shower, I thought back to my over-the-top-delightful wedding shower. That, too, was ever so stunning but I really felt bad for Gspice. I got to enjoy all of it without him. I wish that he could have been there even though it was such a feminine shower. He, I'm know, just wanted to enjoy the food. SO, for Owen's shower, that was my main wish. I wanted Gary to be a part of it. This also allowed us to invite all the gents in our families which was fun too. Having a boy probably made this a bit easier - blue tones and mustaches really play well with "man-ing up" a baby shower.

Just because I think this is the most adorable-est invite ever, here's a picture of the invite my sister Bridget created online. 

Below are photos taken at the shower. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The photographers - Leta & Zach

The amazeball details!

The child book themed table decor - seriously? Adorbs.

The little mini-s at the shower - Miss Arya & Miss Erin

Shower fun!

From the diaper raffle (best idea ever!) to the child book themed decor to my dad, the Grill-Master, this baby shower was the bomb! I just want to say one more time to everyone involved - THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! Gary and I seriously are overwhelmed with gratitude. We know Owen will be loved and all the gifts and well wishes we received are so very welcomed. He is so darn lucky!

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