Broadway Temptations!

Gary and I were tempted. Tempted by what, you ask?

An email from Broadway in Chicago, of course!

This is how we decided to take one last trip to Chicago before Little Mr. arrives. And by one last trip, I mean one last VERY QUICK trip to Chicago. We left by 8am on Saturday morning and were back home by 6:30pm Sunday night. Couldn't miss Breaking Bad!

Though this was such a quick trip, it was great! I L.O.V.E. spending time with Gspice in the city that has become so very special to us. We've made some of our most beloved memories in Chicago and it's always nice to go back.

This trip consisted of:

Driving - for hours and hours!
Road construction - can you imagine 45 miles of construction on a busy interstate? You don't want to!
Free Noodles & Co. - it helps that we both have birthdays in September :)
Eating our favorite meal (NY Strip Steak at Hard Rock, of course!)**
Walking to my old stomping ground
and one last Book of Mormon show thanks to the Broadway in Chicago email!

**Our original plan for dinner was to eat somewhere new - I had seen a commercial on Bravo for GT Fish & Oyster and if you've been around me for any length of time recently, you'd know I am soooooooooooooooo craving Lobster Mac & Cheese. Well, that commercial featured their amazingly delicious looking Lobster Mac & Cheese. After making reservations and building up my excitement, I then saw how another restaurant makes theirs on Diners, Drivers and Dines. THEY used soft cheeses. THIS pregnant lady won't touch soft cheeses (because I'm not supposed to). Thus, I canceled the reservations for GT Fish & Oyster. It was a sad day.

Thanks for such an amazing time, Gspice! Can't wait for our next trip!

One thing I may never do again though is make such a whirlwind trip while being soooooooo very pregnant. I was practically a walking zombie before we even had dinner!

OH and we made an attempt to buy some things at IKEA. This, of course, had been planned out for MONTHS. Somehow, even before this trip was even thought of, we were going to buy two shelves and their little cubbies for our living room. It just a perfect coincidence that Chicago has an IKEA. Our only complication? Such a tiny little new vehicle with amazing gas mileage. I pulled out our trusty tape measure and with Gary's help, we measured the space and decided that we could successfully fit two of these large packages in our car. Well, when we started putting the shelves on the little rolly cart at IKEA, we freaked. They looked miles longer than our car and were sooooooooooooo heavy. We left IKEA with empty hands.

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