Hello, 2014!

I'm really excited about 2014.

So many fun things will take place and LOTS of progress on things Gary and I have planned to do for awhile. I love to see when ideas that fill my head finally start to take shape in the real world! Oh, my heart is just jumping with excitement.

For one, I cannot wait to see how Owen progresses. He is sooooooooooo darn cute with his lanky legs and little arms. I can't wait for more expressions, for him to hold his head up, for him to start crawling, etc. But, one thing I want to do is really cherish every moment because they go by so quickly!

For all my other "to-do's", I decided to create a PINTEREST CHALLENGE board with some of the things I want to accomplish this year. When I realized I already had all the necessary components for one of the projects, I went right to work!

Here is MY "This Year's To-Do List"

-Empty Frame
-Fabric to fit inside frame
-Dry Erase Marker

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