Bathroom Remodel Styleboard

When Gary and I moved in to our home over a year and a half ago, we had many ideas of what we'd like to add, update, remove, etc. Did we have the money to do any of it? Of course not. SO, we came up with a few different key things we wanted to do and are now beginning to bring some of these ideas to light. The most important thing on our list - adding a bathroom. For me, I want to at least add a toilet. With another little body that will someday use the commode, I am determined to have this second bathroom. And, if we're going to add a bathroom, why not update the existing bathroom at the same time? I know, great idea, right?

We are in the planning stages right now - we hope to get some estimates and quotes within the next month or two and plan to do a complete remodel early 2015. I would have loved to demo YESTERDAY but with lots of bills and little Owen to care for, I have to be patient. Being on maternity leave has not helped me be patient. Not in the least.

To keep me from taking a hammer to the hideous built-in box around our bathtub/shower we have now, I have tried to look for inspiration on style and colors. Thanks, Pinterest, for giving me tons and tons of ideas.

But one caught my eye.

You can see a full blog post here on Bower Power Blog (I've become a little obsessed with her blog! Love her energy!) She got inspired by the shower curtain, and honestly did I!

As of right now, I am completely in love with their bathroom - I want to take that room and put it in our house. I love how bright it is and doesn't make it look as small as it probably is. Our bathroom needs to look more open and bright and fresh to death! The art is not necessarily what I'll be going for but it definitely works in their space.

Here is my own styleboard - it's literally pictures straight from Lowes.com so it's not the prettiest. Oh well.

I look forward to getting started on some of the less intense projects throughout the year - who says I have to wait until we rip out the clawfoot tub to redo the vanity? For reals.

Stay tuned!


Amanda said...

let's try this again! I wish I lived close, I would totally help you with the demo! Are you keeping the tub?

v.wiest said...

Well you could always travel over and help :) We plan to sell the tub. I know a friend that sold their clawfoot tub recently and had lots of interest.