Little Mr. {8 Months}

Owen - stop growing for a second! Mommy is behind on your monthly update! Little Mr. turned 8 months a couple weeks ago and man has the time FLOWN by. So much has happened since his last update!

Owen made a few big developmental leaps this past month. He began sitting up all on his own on June 19. That was pretty exciting. It's so nice that he can put himself in the sitting position because he'd often get frustrated that he couldn't do that quite yet. It's also nice that we can sit him down in front of some toys and he's good to go for awhile. What probably helped him sit up on his own was the fact that he could now roll both ways. For a while, Owen was only able to roll from his tummy to his back.This month he was able to roll from back to his tummy. It's the little things!

Perhaps the most exciting development? Owen has a tooth! The right central incisor popped up on July 13. So darn cute! The runny nose and pain, not so much. Poor guy! The runny nose hasn't stopped so I know we'll have more teeth very soon!

His food adventures have continued. I finally made him some chicken but like many other babies out there, he was not a fan of the chicken paste all on its own. We mixed it with potatoes and a veggie and it was smooth sailing from there. We also gave him peaches for the first time. I know he liked it like everything else but I'm pretty sure I heard his lips smack a few times. Yum Yum. Now with a little tooth making its way through, we'll have to give him some food that's a tiny bit chunky. Any advice there would be much appreciated. I have so far only given him completely pureed food. I think he may be ready for the next steps but am scared to go there!

Much to my dismay, I still don't know his stats. I did buy a scale but it kept measuring Owen at 4.5 lbs. Ummmmm, no. At 8 months, my guess is that he was 17 ish lbs and 27 in long. His next appointment is on August 25 and I am eager to find out where he's at!

The wiggle monster that he is, Owen was a little more difficult to photograph. I managed to keep him from falling off the couch on multiple occasions so I'm counting this as a success!

I thought it might be nice to see some extra photos of Little Mr. because I was soooo late with his update. Enjoy :)

I love this expression! It's so darn cute :)

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