The Bump II {9} - Recap: 36-40 weeks

I was 15 minutes shy of making it to my due date - let's count that as lasting a full 40 weeks, shall we?

Energy & Motivation
This pregnancy seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye - and so did my energy! Though I feel like I could handle the bump for quite a bit longer than I did with Owen (as far as being comfortable and such), I definitely felt a little more limited. It took a lot of energy to do e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Walking up a set of stairs was hard and caused many bouts of shortness of breath. I always hoped that I wouldn't have to talk or answer the phone when I returned to my desk at work after going to the bathroom or running down to ask a question or two. Also, I reduced how often I had to pick up Owen. I just couldn't do it - he got so heavy! I decided one day to let him try climbing up the stairs (which we never allow him to do) and what a natural! He mastered our super tall stairs the very first time (he never stops to amaze me!) With the lack of energy, I wasn't all that motivated to do anything. I just wanted to get through each and every day in one piece. I'm thankful that the last set of four weeks crossed off a bunch from a growing to-do list.

Surprisingly, no cravings! At this point in the pregnancy, I just needed to feed myself. It was difficult enough to come up with meals of any kind for us but I can honestly say I was quite happy to eat sandwich roll-ups every single day for lunch at work. I'd sneak in a cosmic brownie or pudding because why not! I still managed to come in at the exact same weight as I did with Owen so those extra goodies now and then didn't bother me one bit. 

Pregnancy Symptoms
Though I was definitely bigger with this babe than I was with Owen, I do feel like I had such a more pleasant experience with pregnancy symptoms at this stage. Sure, I had heartburn and a bit of swelling but in no way shape or form to the degree I did with Owen. How I managed that is beyond me. I was emotional at times, short tempered a lot (sorry Gspice) and a little anxious about having a second child. And this child kept getting bigger and bigger. I could tell because my upper bump kept itching! I was also experiencing more braxton hicks near the end. I had a very mild version of braxton hicks so no complaining here!

Knowing now how much he weighed, it surprises me that our little peanut was able to move around as much as he did. It was still a little uncomfortable physically but such a wonderful reminder of what we had in store. He remained low and in position the entire time too. I was thankful for that but made my bump SUPER HEAVY.

Bump Update
Can you say - HUGE! I most certainly out-wore stripes. Oh well. That's all you can do when just about every piece of clothing no longer fits :)

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