Owen {2.5 Years!}

I've been meaning to do an update on Owen but couldn't quite figure out how to go about it. I like to do updates when they get new measurements but with no required well child check up, there was NO WAY I was about voluntarily take Owen to the doctor. Instead, I let ideas float around in my head for awhile. One idea struck and now here we are!

Owen's Favorites! (I could also call this Owen's Obsessions because, really, that's what they are!)

*Clif Kid ZBars (which he affectionately calls "cake bar")
*Bike rides
*Grandma & Papa
*the color Yellow & Green (he tends to call just about everything one of these colors, though he knows a few other colors as well)
*Talking (this kid does not stop! we went on an hour long walk and I'm fairly certain he chattered, squeaked or squealed for nearly 50 minutes)
*Puppy Backpack
*Saying "Hi!" and "Bye" To EVERYONE. He'll yell it if he needs to when he sees someone. And then he'll just keep saying it over and over :)
*Taking Baths (he even likes cold baths, which is what he gets if we have a Code Brown!)
*Looking out the window
There are plenty of other things that Owen loves but these are some that are sticking out as I write this. Owen has been one talkative, stubborn, energetic, lovable little boy. It's been amazing to see him grow and learn new things. It'll be fun to see what new skills he's learned by the time he is THREE!

I truly love this kid sooooo much but I'll admit it. I have a wishlist. :)

1. No more Code Browns! (imagine something brown all over himself and his crib and walls and stuffed animals and then the bathtub and my hands and my clothes and on and on and on)
2. Potty trained - at least number 1, number 2 might take a long time
3. Promoted to big boy bed (He's still in his crib but it's about time it transitions to a toddler bed)
4. No more food throwing
5. More words/sentences - Owen's vocabulary is definitely increasing and we can't wait for more!
6. More friendly to his brother

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