Roof Update {3} - Finished!

I love our new roof!!! It has been finished for over a week now and I keep looking at it on my walks home. I love how new it looks. I love the different shades of color. I love that it's a tiny bit darker than our previous shingle and also our neighbors. It's just so pretty!

Here's a lovely before and after sequence for you. Isn't it great?

Here's a couple of shots at different locations:

Now we're just waiting on the bill. Once that comes, I cannot wait to attack it. I've got another aggressive goal :)

See the BEFORE here! See the DURING here!


Clayton Bennett said...

Wow! That looks great. A new roof adds so much to your house. You really don’t notice how drab the old roof has become, but when you replace it the difference is just amazing. You’re right – I love the shades of color; it gives a good finish. Good luck with the next project – sounds like you are ready to knock that one out of the park too!

Pleasance Faast said...

Your roof looks so much better after it has been fixed. Now you do not have to worry about leaks or problems for a while now. I bet roofing costs so much money. I have never owned a house, so I never had to fix a roof. I hope the bill is not too large, good luck with it.

Terence Warner said...

The roof is looking really well put together and clean. This is the motivation I need to transform my roof. I have been looking for the perfect roof to make my house stand out from my neighbors and I think this is it. I am so happy for you! It turned out so amazingly great. The colors blend in very well with the house.