Who Has The Golden Ticket?

In this case, I really should say, "Who has the golden key?" but that doesn't really go with the tune. Oh well. A few weeks ago, I got a call from my sister. She was checking to see if we could watch the kiddos while she and my brother-in-law went to see if Bridget won a car.

Photo courtesy of http://kdecradio.com/win-this-car/

Um, yeah! It was fun to have four kids running around and not at all as tiring as I expected.

We had a little dance party, went for a walk, let them run around for a bit, ordered take out from Old Armory and capped off the night with Ratatouille.

Ever since, Owen says on a daily basis that he wants to play with Liza and Erin. Can't wait until our annual Pinter's date!

Oh, and Bridget didn't end up winning the car. But she was standing right next to the guy (above) who did win!

Photo courtesy of http://kdecradio.com/win-this-car/

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