Holiday Cheer 2016 {2} Matching Jammies and a Book Tree

My mom had a really cool gift idea this year for all the grandkids. It included two each of three DIY holiday jammies, little pillows and big blankets. The best part of all, a book tree as well! I can't even begin to imagine wrapping 25+ books for each family because I'm not the best wrapper in the world but it was a lot of fun to open those throughout the month. My mom sent home all of the gifts on Thanksgiving with instructions - open the big gifts plus the first book (they were all numbered) on December 1. Then open the 2nd book on Night Two and so on.  The boys were always really excited to open them each night, both helping to unwrap the gift. While there were issues with sharing, it was really fun to read those with the boys. It also doesn't hurt that it helped replenish our book supply. Our boys haven't been the most gentle to books but it does seem like they've both gotten better about that.

Below are some fun photos we took of the boys and their gifts! Thanks, Mom!!

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