Holiday Cheer 2016 {1} Santa Sightings!

Santa came to town a few times this year and much to my surprise, Jack was afraid of him while Owen was pretty smitten and wanted to chat him up. It's been fun to see the boys grow up and more confident but seriously, where have my little babies gone??

The first sighting was after the annual Holiday Parade in Decorah. We planned to take both boys to it but Jack decided to eat s.u.p.e.r. sloowwwwwwwwwwwwww so off Owen and I went. We walked up to downtown and stood on the street while the parade went by. Unfortunately for my arm, Owen didn't want to stand on his own so I held him the entire time. When the parade was over, we made our way to the Montessori school to see Santa. It was really sweet to see Owen be so excited to see Santa this year. I was glad we trekked out in the cold!

The second sighting was in Strawberry Point for their Library's annual holiday party. They had Santa in a different spot this year and on the way to see him, you were greeted by a fake singing Santa. The kids kept wanting to play with that one which was super cute. This was Jack's first Santa sighting this year and he was a little skeptical. He didn't even want to touch Santa's finger!

The last Santa sighting was at the annual Sunflower holiday party. It was a little tricky to manage both boys in their different rooms with the different activities but somehow we made it work. Owen had just moved over to the Owl room so we looked a wee bit awkward over there but oh well. This time around, Jack was having none of it. He was a little squirmy as we approached but at the last second was totally in to it. As you can tell, he was more than willing to show off his little belly to Mrs. Claus. Oh and beforehand, Gspice and I had a little breakfast date at my favorite spot :)

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