The Plan of Chicago

I am supposed to be writing a 5-page paper on that very subject but I cannot for the life of me find my notes from my reading of the book that I made probably 3 weeks ago.  HOW FRUSTRATING!  And to make matters worse, I'm having great difficulty finding the motivation to do homework right now.

It's due tomorrow.  As are a 9-page journal and 15 minute presentation.  At least the other things are done, right??

My problem with getting things done at night is honestly because I can't keep thinking critically on homework after 3pm.  I just cannot do it.  There may be very few nights out of the year that I can be productive past that point.  The day I was working on my senior paper was one of them.  I can't remember a time before that that I was able to.  However, I can sit and write this blog no problem.  Crazy how that works....


Something else that I was thinking today was how excited I am to go home.  Not because I want to leave Chicago or ATHENA, but because I can't wait to be able to smile at everyone I pass.  It's not in my nature to look down all the time or stare straight ahead.  I like to see the people on the street and see who I walk past.  I can't be that friendly here though because I'd be more broke than I already am and god knows what else.  I also cannot wait to be back in a community where people don't walk around smoking.  I HATE THAT!  I probably already have lung cancer. 

LASTLY, Gary comes this weekend! i.c.a.n.n.o.t.w.a.i.t.f.o.r.t.h.e.c.u.b.b.i.e.s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or him :)

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