oh to be in love.....

Love is such a funny thing.  Sometimes funny, sometimes annoying, sometimes ridiculous, but ALWAYS amazing.  No matter what's going on in my crazy brain, I know that Gary and I love each other and when I've calmed down and stopped being ridic, we'll be fine.  :)  Sorry for being a crazy psycho!

Besides doing absolutely NOTHING for the past couple of days, I was soooo very busy this past weekend.  It was the ATHENA leadership summit!!!  It was extremely crazy to be honest.  I felt like I didn't sit down for days.   It went really well though for our attendees so I hope they couldn't see how crazy it was behind the scenes :)  My favorite part: the white chocolate cheesecake with the prickly pear and mango puree. to. die. for. amazing.

I also finished my senior paper rough draft #89878776578923 on sunday morning. it felt GREAT!  Let's just hope it meets the requirements this time :)

Lastly, I can't stop craving chipotle chips and salsa.  love it.

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