Welcome to the Oelrichs Household

Thanks Chicago for welcoming me to my new home in the city.  Apparently, the whole city of Chicago thinks I need a haircut...

After coming home from work today, I did as I usually do, grab the mail.  In it was something for "Welcome to the Oelrichs Household".  That's definitely a new one.  I'd seen Vanessa Delrich and Vanessa Qelrich but never Welcome to the Oelrichs Household... ;-)

I only opened it because it looked like there might be some sweet deals inside.  But no.  What is the first thing I see?  YOU NEED A HAIRCUT!  Do I really need one that badly?  Unfortunately, I do.  I haven't gotten my hair cut since the beginning of August.  How terrible is that???  It's entirely too long.  Even though the entire city of Chicago hates my hair, at least it's free!

On tap for tonight?  Nothing.  I have zero motivation once again.  On tap for the rest of the week? Update my resume and cover letter, class, a job workshop, BILLY ELLIOT!, Race to Wrigley....that might be it...Oh, finish my SENIOR PAPER!  YAY!  I am so excited to have that out of the way.

Tootles from the Oelrichs Household ;)

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