tabasco sauce.

My Tbocks cheeseburger REALLY hit the spot tonight.

My sweet honey bear had to work and I really wanted a burger.  Thus I went to Tbocks.  I had made my mind up very early on in the day so I was sooooooooo excited all day long.  Work went by fairly fast.  (side note: I do work with some really great people.  I can't complain as much as that last post seemed like I could.  I just really needed to rant.)

Upon my arrival SUZ came to say hi.  So glad she now works at Tbocks.  She's a sweetheart and gave me not only my blue moon but two other different kinds to taste.  At first I liked the Dorothy better but after finishing I favored the Boulevard.  Go KC.

Then came my beloved cheeseburger.  The greasy fries and juicy cheeseburger had to wait because a guy I used to work with came up to me and started to chat. Needless to say I could wait to delve into my greasy fries. I didn't even have to ask for the tabasco sauce. Suz brought it with my meal.

The burger. OMG.  I am still dying. It. was.so.good.  But I ran out of Blue Moon.  I couldn't possibly go on without something to drink. My mouth is on fire just thinking about it.  One more beer it is.  I was able to finish after that but good grief, where is round two.  No, not the beer but the cheeseburger and fries.

 I want more.

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