Take the deviled eggs!

I cannot believe how fast this week flew by.  Did I really travel to the MOA on Sunday?  Was it really my birthday on Monday?  I just can't believe it.

Yes, I did indeed travel with Gary up to the Mall of America.  It was sooo much fun but I was SO tired.  We left at 8am so that we could be there when it opened.  What was the first stop you ask?  Noodles & Co of course!  I had no idea there was one IN the mall.  Awesome.  I was on two missions: 1. Loft (duh), 2. find wedding shoes.  By 1:30pm I had accomplished both.  I LOVE MY SHOES!  Now perhaps I should find a dress.... details ;)

I may be exaggerating this but it seemed that Gary talked about Ruby Tuesdays the Entire time we were in the mall. So where did we go to eat for dinner?  Ruby Tuesdays.  It was soooooooo good.  Gary couldn't take his hands off of the tiny little cheddar biscuits.

I turned the big 2-3 on Monday.  Nothing too exciting happened.  I had gone out to eat with both sets of parents and Bridget/Drew last week so I spent all day running errands.  Boy did that feel good though. I hadn't been able to get anything done in the weeks prior because of being so busy with work.  I returned some shoes and clothes, bought stamps and got my save-the-dates cut.  I then had a flashback to my days at ATHENA because I wrote our address, the guests' address, stuffed, stamped & licked all my save-the-dates.  It took hours, but I'm sooo glad that's done.  Now I should probably get them sent....They've been sitting on my dresser for a few days now...oops.

Work was a bit overwhelming this week with a 3-day conference where I was the manager for 2 of those days.  I hated waking up at 5am but to be quite honest, the conference went very well and I am glad to have gotten through it in one piece. Today was also big due to Parent's Weekend at Luther.  Nancy and I organized the First-Year Student Reception at the Hotel.  It was a little difficult getting businesses to showcase but it went really well.  Lots of samples, food and yes, even chair massages. 

Don't worry, Gary and I made sure to celebrate getting through the week/our birthdays by eating at Rubaiyat (check out our dessert!) and topping it off with a beer at Toppling Goliath.  Yum. 

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