high expectations. dislike.

High expectations are demons.  True demons.  It only leads to feeling let down, angry, confused, and possibly even ignored.  This is something that I have thought long and hard about since beginning work as the catering assistant.  Never in my whole life have I felt more responsible for the well-being of basically every person at the Hotel.  Not that this is always bad, especially when I do something right.  And not that I do everything wrong, but people really notice when I do.

Just to mention a few of my duties:  I am filling in for Tessia so I basically am the acting catering director.  I take inquiry calls/emails, book events, meet with clients, send out contracts, take down details of all the events, among other things like printing new BEO's for 4-5 people everytime there is an update.  My job only gets worse when my printer decides to stop working or my secured drive won't allow me to access the drive out of spite. If this were my only job, life would be cake.  I like doing this stuff.  I love meeting with clients especially. 

Oh but wait, I'm also a million other things at the Hotel: Server, Reference checker, Interviewer, Hirer, Trainer, Test Outer, Floor Manager, Scheduler when no one will sign up for Albert's shifts, Set-uper when no one signs up for events or when I have so little staff that I have to do it all myself, soda stocker, Hostess, Event Manager and lastly, I hear out all the negative thoughts people have.

So as you can see, I basically have no time to do anything.  I feel like I am constantly letting someone down, not meeting their ridiculously high expectations.  No one seems to get how much I am doing nor do they care.  All they care about is having everything work out perfectly for them.  Example: there was a set up the other day and every one of the people working it complained and complained about nothing being prepped and that it took 30 minutes longer than normal.  I'm sorry?  Somehow it became my fault.  When was I suppose to prep the event for you?  The previous event typically does that for you and did I work that? No.  And the other events previous to that?  I basically worked the end of the conference by myself (I did have a great staff willing to come in during meal times though).  In between clearing, cleaning, re-setting, etc, etc, I did not have time to prep for the next event. 

I am sorry to everyone that I continuously let down.  Please feel free to switch positions with me.  I'd like to see you get all this done in 32 hours or less a week.

Do I feel any better after this rant?  No.

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