life will knock you down more than you can imagine. don't knock yourself down

Thank goodness for pumpkin pie. I dislike how I only have this ONCE every year. This will change in 2011 :) Gary, we are going to make pumpkin pie til it comes out our ears. Get excited.

Thanksgiving 2010 was a success and my favorite that I can remember. Mom made some really good food this year and I was quite satisfied all day on one meal (& constant nibbling)....until midnight that is :) Gary and I watched Home Alone while enjoying some Velvettttttta mac & cheese. YUM! Oh and mom's pumpkin pie? DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We also played a lot of games which was really fun. Yes, the first game got everyone a little heated but hey, it was the first time for 5 of us. Next time will be better.

Though it's now after Thanksgiving I might as well say what I am thankful for (in no particular order)

Gary Spice - I am so lucky to have him in my life and though I annoy him & vis/versa basically all the time, we are going to have the best life ever. I'm excited to get married and move away and start new jobs and have babies....It's going to be great.

Noodles - I'm not fat nor will noodles ever make me fat. :)

Hunter & Chloe - I'm not the biggest fan of their kind buuuuuutttttt they make sunny and dreary days alike so much better. they are sweet and fun and adorable. Speaking of....Here comes Chloe! I am not thankful that they bark so much or beg at my feet whenever I eat.

Fareway - I LOVE to buy from Fareway. Best grocery store ever (except they don't carry everything I want)

Michael Connelly - He has kept me quite busy and less unhappy which is always good. I am 4 books down so far.

Job security - I still have a job and will start babysitting for the Thompson's this week. I need to remember this when I start hating my job again. Right now I'm good :)

TV - I love watching TV. I can't help it. Channels 2,7,9,26, 29, 36, 45, 46, 49, 57, 64...I love thee.

Family - I've got the best family around. I wish I could see everyone more often. This is one of the biggest reasons I need a vehicle.

My legs - I can walk. I can at least do this when I can't drive.

Money - though I don't have a lot, I have enough to pay my bills and go out to eat occasionally :) Next year I will say that I am thankful for learning how to better save my dollas...

etc, etc. There are so many other things I can be thankful for but I am hitting a wall.

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