s o g double o d good

Yes, it's been awhile. Sorry :) It's been an interesting couple of weeks with its usual ups and downs. Thank you to my sweet, sweet honey bear for bearing through it all. You are too good for me sometimes.

I successfully applied to and interviewed with and failed to obtain yet another job but you know what, I think it's finally dawned on me that perhaps the universe doesn't want me to leave Decorah just yet. So instead, when I was out making room blocks at the other hotels I asked if they were hiring. Indeed they were! I completely flopped on one of the places but oh well. I didn't want to work there anyhow. Let's just hope that I can get a part-time front desk position at the other hotel I applied to. Cross your fingers! Let's also hope that I don't completely suck at nailing the interview....

Just because I want to tell this story to freak everyone out, I have to tell you what I dreamt about yesterday. Other than weapons (I've been reading Michael Connelly so no, I'm not crazy nor am I going to kill anyone), I had a very vivid dream about our wedding day. For some reason we were all at our old house in Strawberry about to take pictures but Kendra, Andrew and our photographer weren't there. I FORGOT TO GIVE EVERYONE A DETAILED SCHEDULE!!! Oh my gosh. I really thought it was real and it was the worst day ever. However, one good thing came out of the dream: it was nice outside :)

And speaking of Michael Connelly, I took what I thought to be the first 3 books of his series back to Decorah with me. 3/4 of the way into the first book I realize they were not the first 3 books but the 6, 7 and 8th books. Damn. I am now on the 8th book and cannot wait to get back to Strawberry and take the Correct first 3 books.

Laaaastly, I have been up to no good today. I spent a good 4 hours getting rid of my food bookmarks and making a makeshift recipe book. I'm not even half way done. That is what happens when you bookmark recipes for YEARS. Oh boy. My next task will be to actually make these recipes and decipher which ones I should keep and which ones I can delete FOREVER!!!!!!!



Amanda said...

Yeah, it's been awhile. I have you in my google reader, so I was missing your updates! Also, support your local library and try to get those books there while you wait! Impressive sorting through your bookmarks. I've started using the website delicious, where it keeps all your bookmarks regardless of what computer you are using. It's pretty sweet.

Amanda said...

Also, GREAT thinking about staying in Decorah. It will really help with wedding planning, I'm sure Gary is thanking his lucky stars you changed your mind, and I was actually going to suggest trying to get a part time in Decorah! Great minds think alike!