The Biggest Loser

I completely forgot the single biggest happening that has occurred this past week.

Paying off my loan.

GOOD THING I decided to start paying it off early. Too bad "early" is not exactly how it came out to be. On paper, my first payment wasn't due until January 7, 2011. Online my first payment is due November 21, 2010. Crap! Luckily, I sent a check in more than 5-10 days in advance so my first payment will NOT BE LATE! In fact, I checked today and it was successfully received and is currently being processed. Sweet.

My loan is now a biggest loser contestant and it WILL win.



Amanda said...

ok, now is the fun part. Try this website. Dad gave it to me and it has helped me pay my loans off about 6 years faster than if I just paid the minimums. Do it as a credit card loan with no special incentives. Good luck! http://www.bankrate.com/calculators/managing-debt/debt-pay-down-calculator.aspx

Vanessa said...

what if my interest rates are different? my subsidized one changes each year and then my unsubsidized stays the same rate. also, do i need to consolidate these? It adds these up for me so I'm thinking I don't...