So Many Choices!

I slept in today. Actually, most days I do. I seem to be wide awake when I come home from late nights in Albert's and of course I want to sleep in after finally falling asleep at 1am. Hopefully, though, I'll get that job which will take care of this. Am I complaining? Absolutely not.

Why? There is so much good TV on! For example: there are TONS of Holmes Inspections late night on Sundays. There are TONS of Kitchen Cousins or Property Brothers or Income Properties late night on Wednesdays. Every other night - Guy's Big Bite. For whatever reason, that show is quite addictive. We just keep watching, just keep watching, just keep watching....You get the idea.

In the morning, however, there is NEVER anything good to watch. Seriously. But alas, this morning I hit a gold mine. My first attempt was of course Bravo and what did I find? A marathon of the current Top Chef! I missed the last episode so I'll definitely go back when that episode is up. Since I had seen the bbq episode I thought I'd check out the other possibilities. It is not odd for me to watch each episode of Top Chef over and over though.

Channel 27 - Jersey Shore. Also a repeat but a worthy contender. Who doesn't love that trashy, trashy show?
Channel 30 - Some remodeling show - I was intrigued. The couple was endearing. Oh and they were building a bar in their basement which is something I want one day. And THEN as I was leaving the channel, I saw a commercial for the FINAL crazy coupon showdown show thing. That show is insane but interesting. I'll be back.
Channel 44 - House Crashers. I found a winner! They had me at "Naughty Pine". The guy's from Boston and he was actually saying "Knotty Pine". I LOVE Boston accents.

So far so good.

Let's just hope I can break myself away long enough to take a shower :)

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