Way back when I was a wee little girl, I hated tomatoes. I just couldn't stomach them. It was 100% a texture thing and quite possibly the whole heating them up thing. They looked disgusting (back then) so how on earth could they taste good?

Clearly, I got over that stage in my life. I LOVE TOMATOES. I LOVE heated canned-by-my-mom home-grown roma tomatoes. They are just sooooooooo good. As you all know I tend to make goulash when I get a super craving for tomatoes. Did I ever share? No - no one liked it the way I did (which is just the way I liked it). Do I ever share now? No - no one will like it :)

ANYHOO - I made a truly transcendent batch of goulash last week. The reason? ONIONS! I decided, what the heck, bring on the onions. (Mom, aren't you proud??)

Onions have been my tomatoes from way back when for my whole life. I love the smell of onions but I couldn't bring myself to eat them. I love the taste of them but it was the texture of onions that killed it for me. I found them utterly gross and disgusting. However, curiosity got the best of me. I fought through the pain and tears of cutting a small white onion and sweat them out for my mean batch of goulash. Little did I know that this would be THE BEST batch I have ever made.


These onions brought on a whole new depth of flavor that I didn't know existed. I made the batch last for six meals which was pretty amazing. After finishing the last bite, I immediately craved more. Sooooooooooo, I made another batch less than a week later.

Was it legendary? Not quite. Why? I dumped a crap ton of dried oregano on the meat.


Side Note = I ran out of my preferred noodle for goulash, the pretty penne. I will made do with elbow if and only if I have to. Otherwise, I just don't eat any. Spaghetti doesn't work. Egg noodles don't work. Angel Hair doesn't work. Alas, I ran out of penne noodles with this second batch of overly oregano-fied goulash. I had some linguini running around so I used that. It's just not the same. They taste different and almost overpower the goulash. That cannot happen.

Lessons learned:
1. Always use onions in my goulash
2. Penne is the ONLY noodle to use for goulash

On a whole different level, I can't eat peppers. However, I love spicy salsa. Clearly, I can eat them. My goal is to introduce peppers in to my diet. AND LIKE THEM. We'll see....


Linda Oelrich said...

I always knew I was right about those onions!!!

Linda Oelrich said...
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