The Bump {4} - Recap: 5-12 weeks

To those that may have had a difficult time during the first trimester, I'm sorry.  For me, it was a breeze. No morning sickness, no nausea, nothing really annoying. My only symptoms thus far had been being overly tired, having a lack of interest in food (opening the fridge did kinda suck) and the occasional headache that one little Tylenol actually did help with.

However, I did have my fair share of meltdowns. I would be fine one minute and then be sobbing the next. To say I was a little nervous is an understatement. I was so unaware and naive during my last pregnancy and though I wasn't making that same mistake again, it did cause me to go in to hysterics from time to time. Gary was a champ and rode along with me during my emotional roller coaster rides. He'd hug me when I needed it, talk me down when I needed it, kiss my forehead or cheek (to steer clear of my runny nose ;) ) when I needed it. Thanks, Gspice. :)

Some of my meltdowns occurred during our first couple of office visits. We met with the OB Coordinator at 5 weeks and then with our doctor at 8 weeks. However, both have been wonderful in talking about how worrying will not change the outcome. It is a time to be enjoyed regardless of what may happen in the future. I took that to heart and kept moving forward with as much positive outlook as possible.

For the most part, I did feel at peace. We felt so much better this time around and had a good feeling that everything would be just fine. To help with this, we had our first ultrasound on April 10 when I was at 8w1d. What a trip! I cannot believe how small the little peanut was at this point. Just a teeny tiny blob!

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