The Bump {2} - POSITIVE!

This pregnancy caught us both by surprise. Though we had been trying, there was absolutely nothing that led us to believe THIS was the time. Low and behold, on Friday, March 15, this is what I see:

At this point, I was 4w3d pregnant. After a few moments of complete disbelief, I realized I had to wait for Gary to come home. I wanted to tell him as soon as I found out, but telling your husband over the phone that you're pregnant is no fun. To complicate matters, we were supposed to rush off to a company bowling party literally seconds after we raced home to get ready for the first game (insert Gary's EXTREME excitement here). I had to come up with a super quick way to reveal it to him...

During the car ride home I asked if I could show Gary something on my computer.

His response: "Really? Can it wait? It better be good..."
My thoughts: "Giggles. This is going to BLOW his mind!"

All I really wanted was for him to sit down and not look in my direction. As he sat down, I grabbed the test and brought it to him. It took about 3 seconds for him to bop out of the chair with a huge smile to give me the biggest hug ever. YAY for surprises! And I am happy to report that we made it to the bowling party just in time for the first game!

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