The Bump {6} - Prego Project List - JULY

If you know me even just a little bit, you probably know how much I LOVE making lists. Compound the love of making lists by the overwhelming amount of ideas and things I know need to be finished before Mini Mr. Wiest arrives and you get Prego Project List! I realized very quickly that I couldn't quite grasp everything that needed to get done. Pregnancy makes my mind wander alllll over the place. I needed to get my ideas and tasks down on paper to make it more visual. I desperately needed something to look at to make sure I stayed on track.

The best I came up with was to divide and conquer this massive to-do list by month. Each month through the rest of the year has a bijillion items to accomplish but you know what, I'm not the least bit overwhelmed (yet). I'm motivated.

Here's a sampling of what needs to be accomplished in July:
  • Finish Dining Room Decor
  • Brainstorm Living Room Decor
  • Nursery (research and buy?)
  • Buy Peaches' Birthday Gift :)
  • Research Care Providers for Mini Mr. Wiest
  • Photobook 2012 - finish October
  • Blog (you've seen most that I planned, just one or two left!)
  • Take Weekly Bump Photos
  • Research Car options/deals
    • Buy??? Get excited!

Like I said, this is but a small sampling of everything that needs to be completed in July. Some things will be fluid as you know opportunities pop up and disappear without notice. We're keeping our eyes peeled and staying within a healthy budget. Thanks, Gspice, for keeping me on track :)

Knowing that part of my project list needed the assistance of some other family members, I invited Bridget, Drew, Erin and Dad up to help this past weekend. Really, I needed Drew and Dad to help hang up some fiesty shelves I got from Pottery Barn awhile back. Our walls weren't the most cooperative component but they made it work. I envision putting up some cork strips underneath the shelves to hang up things (such as my monthly Prego Project Lists!)

 After everyone left, I had a little bit of remaining motivation so I put up the craft letters I had spray painted the day before. 

More pictures to come as the decor is all completed!

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