The Bump {9} - Recap: 24-28 weeks

This month has been all of the bump. I have gained pound after pound and this little bump just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I have to constantly remind myself that I am short with a very short torso so where else does this little baby have to go but out...That doesn't stop me from the occasional meltdown with Gspice. I tearfully bombard him with "I'm so huge!" and "I can't possibly make it three more months!" and he just gently reminds me that "Everything is perfectly fine" and "You aren't actually that big" with a big hug and kiss while he wipes away my ridiculous tears. Seriously, what would I do without him? I'm such an emotional and crazy pregnant person! The cutest thing he's done this month? On a day that I was especially crabby and not feeling well, Gary sent me an email like usual (asking about work, how my day is going, how was Peach, etc) but ended it with "PS: you looked really pretty this morning." He's so sweet :)

Besides all my emotional hot mess tendencies, this past month has been super fascinating too. For one, Mini Mr. has become increasingly active. I didn't start feeling his kicks and punches as early as I would have liked, but I am so happy we can feel them now. It is a constant reminder that he's doing okay and Mommy doesn't need to worry so much.  Gary felt his kicks for the very first time at 25 weeks, 1 day. His expression was priceless - a look of shock, wonder, excitement. Such a sweet moment! I had been feeling them for awhile before that but I still get a kick out of watching my bump jump with his drop kicks and right hooks. It's pretty cool! I plan to start officially counting his kicks at 28 weeks to make sure he's still on track.

One thing I can tell from where his kicks and punches are landing is Mini Mr.'s position. My guess is that his head is down on my left side with his feet up near my right rib. It seems that is his favorite spot because all pain I have is always on my left side. My mid-upper back on my left side, my left leg will tighten much more quickly than the right, my left lower back, etc. I also had my first experience with rib pain on my left side. It just ached and ached! I'm guessing that he moved positions because on that day, I felt kicks on my upper left side. Crazy dude.

One thing I definitely notice nowadays is that I can't sit for too long. The moment I stand up after a longer sitting session (at my computer desk, on the couch, etc), it hurts terribly to walk! It's like I got punched in the you-know-what-region.

As far as non-bump-related news goes, I officially started my new job at Luther on Monday. However, that meant that all my other jobs had to go. I'm very happy that I will have one "normal" job rather than three part-time jobs but the three I had were good to me. I was able to do things I enjoyed, make money and still have somewhat of a life. However, it was hard not having a specific schedule and not being home a lot. And when I was home, I was always tired and completely unmotivated to do anything. That being said, I am definitely going to miss everyone I've worked with over the past couple of years.

Now that we'll both have a normal schedule, I am soooooooooo excited to start menu planning and getting a routine down before baby arrives. I know that he'll be all-but-routine, this is something I've been wanting to do forever. Little Mr. will get older and become part of our routine too and I'm just excited that we'll be able to be together as a family every night and on weekends.

And what everyone has probably been waiting for...................BUMP PHOTOS! Here's the latest installment. Like I said, my bump keeps getting bigger and bigger!

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Amanda said...

wow! Your bump did change a lot in one month. I distinctly remember taking a picture of myself around 20 weeks and I remember thinking I was huge. Still had 19 more weeks to go :) You'll get there and you will be so beautiful. enjoy it! I miss it.