The Bump {8} - Prego & Eggo Project List - AUGUST

I am sooooo glad I made all these to-do lists. I feel so much less anxious and nervous about getting everything done because there's a plan. I know that not everything will fall in to place as easily as I might expect it to, but who cares when you have a plan? I'm pregnant, already feeling huge at only 6.5 months but NOT feeling a ton of mental pressure...THAT'S what makes it worth it.

Gspice had an awesome suggestion for the Prego Project list that sent me in to a serious fit of giggles. He mentioned on a whim that it needs to be titled "Prego & Eggo Project List" so that is what it has become. You know, Gary, that just means you need to help out more - thanks for being so willing! ;-)

As far as the actual to-do lists, I thought July flew by. My oh my, August is going by even more quickly! We finished just about everything for July so that really helped but it seems that a lot of larger tasks were set for August. I've managed to not totally freak out and work on things bit by bit.

I did promise a little update which really isn't much. I added art to the ledges my dad and bro-in-law put up for us last month using the idea of LOVE.

1. Do what you LOVE what you do.
2. My heart lives in Decorah :)
3. Love you [Gspice]

I also managed to put up some of these to-do lists in a cute way :)

August to-do list sampling:
  • Still finish Dining Room decor - at least everything but the nails have been purchased!
  • Hang up pictures/art in Living Room - the rest of the decor will be purchased in September when we can actually make it to IKEA
  • Measure Little Man's room - boy is it going tight!
  • Assemble crib and changing table
  • Budget - using new avalanche attack method :)
  • Photobook 2012 - Finish November
  • Blog posts
  • Weekly photos
  • Deep cleaning
    • Extra room - happy to report that I am working on it hardcore!
    • Garage 
  • Door Decor - Back to School 
  • Events!
    • Adventureland! - August 3-4
    • Friend party - August 10
    • Relative B-day party - August 17
    • Mary Kay party - August 18
    • Farewell party :( - August 20
    • Prego Class w/ Gspice - August 24
    • Start new job! - August 26
PLUS so much more. Yeah, like I said, August is flying by with tons to do!!

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Amanda said...

woah~ I zoomed in to see your to do lists. You weren't kidding that you love lists. I think I should follow suit, I keep losing my little post it notes...