The Bump {14} - Recap: 32-36 weeks

Holy uncomfortable!
I don't think I quite understood what "uncomfortable" truly meant before I hit 33 weeks. At this point, this little bundle has grown so darn much and my relatively small body has done its best to accommodate him. However, as he's spun around recently, waves of HOLY UNCOMFORTABLE have hit. Luckily, at a point when I thought he was most definitely breech, sitting was comfortable. Standing and walking, not so much. But when you work full-time at a desk, sitting comfortably is just fine with me. However, I may have been wrong all that time about little Owen being head up, bum down. How? Beats me. I still swear that I felt his head and not his foot up at the top.

Let me explain: I went in for my doctor's appointment at just before 35 weeks. I told my doctor that I was pretty confident little one was breech because I could feel hiccups up near my rib cage. I also said that I think he was down up until the last appointment (two weeks prior) and that ever since he's been breech. He did his thing, felt around, took the baby's heartbeat (a strong 150) up above my now-outie belly button and came to the same conclusion. It really did feel like a head and the position of where little Owie's heartbeat was found made us both think he was up, not down. So out comes the ultrasound machine - lucky me! I got to sneak a lucky peek at him - nice full set of ribs, adorable ears - couldn't really make out much else because of my position but I don't even care. What else did we see though? A nice round head down in perfect position. Little one, thanks! Makes me think I've been wrong all this time - perhaps he was breech up until two weeks ago and has been fine ever since. WHO THE HECK KNOWS!?!

Other than me thinking Owen was breech for a solid two weeks, other things have happened along the way as well. For one, I am so bummed to report that my fingers became too pudgy for me to wear any rings at all at the end of 33 weeks. I am surprisingly self conscious about this one. I think it's because now I work at a college and still look like a college student but hugely pregnant. I don't want people to think, "Oh, there's that girl that got her self knocked up last spring." Oh wells! Soon enough the rings will be back on and all will be well.

Sleeping really isn't as bad as I might think it is. At least right now. It's very much like trying to hold on to a really heavy bowling ball while struggling to turn over. Not exactly the easiest thing in to the world to do. It wakes me up for one and it can be difficult to make myself go back to sleep. I've also recently awoken with certain feelings - like baby is on his way feelings. Nothing is actually happening other than my mind saying, "Come on out, Owen!" One day I honestly felt like it was Christmas morning when I was a child - something really fun and exciting was going to happen that day. I know labor isn't going to be so fun so perhaps it was something else.

And then on most other mornings, I just kept thinking, "What if Owen is born today???" This is definitely the most prominent thought these days and I've got to say WOW do I get overwhelmed easily. The moment I start to feel even slightly uneasy, I start to cry. Luckily for me, Gspice has gotten so much practice with this one and can talk me down pretty well. Ultimately, I know we are going to be fine, but pregnancy makes me weepy :)

The Bump!

I have now reached the point where this baby can come out at any time he wants. Start guessing his due date, height and weight!

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One Artist a Day said...

The first thing I did when I had my son was do log rolls on my bed. I was so excited to be able to move tomorrow.