What's for Dinner {21} - Sandwich Roll-ups!

I've wanted to make this for so long but never got around to it. Why? I have no earthly idea because I am hooked. Like could-eat-it-every-single-day hooked.  Which, for the most part, I have the past couple of weeks - I still look forward to it every.single.day. and am embarrassingly disappointed when I've finished them. It's a vicious cycle, people.

Here's how to make this in case you want to ride on the same crazy lunch train as me!

Vanessa's Super Fabulous Sandwich Roll-ups

1 mediam sized tortilla
1 T Ranch Dressing (enough to lightly coat the tortilla)
1/8 tsp Cayenne pepper (I'm pretty liberal with this because I like the heat)
2  slices pepperjack cheese
4-6 slices of deli ham, shaved
handful of chopped romaine lettuce

Mix together the ranch and cayenne pepper. Lightly coat one side of the the tortilla.

Place the pepperjack next. I like to use 2 square slices and make it cover as much of the tortilla as possible, but not overlapping. I want to have cheese in every bite. Then layer on your ham and lettuce.

Carefully roll up your tortilla. The ingredients tend to slide as you roll it up so try to keep them all in lockdown!

Lastly, cut it in to 1-1.5 inch slices. I usually get three good rolls and two floppy end pieces. Doesn't matter, they are STILL amazeballs delicious.

This picture shows Buddig Turkey, which works well too, but I prefer deli ham. The first time I went to buy ingredients, the deli had already closed. It was annoying but I made it work :)

I like to pair this with some fresh veggies for a nice healthy lunch!

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