Bathroom Remodel {1} - Styleboard Update

Last January I posted my bathroom styleboard for our main (and only!) bathroom. We haven't come a long way since then to get estimates and such but my mind has changed on the way I want this bathroom to look. This styleboard seems a bit more bright and crisp, if those can be a way to describe decor. It also fits more with our growing family - one of all boys! 
from IHeart Organizing
I was inspired by this room from IHeart Organizing and as you can see, it's not a bathroom. I fell in love with how she styled her entryway and hope to find a watercolor print to bring in some more bright and fun colors. I was able to find a shower curtain from Target that reminded me of her curtains and have a feeling that I'll paint our white vanity a deep blue color like the shower curtain to tie that in a bit more.

Regarding our progress, we did receive one estimate but we're hoping to get another this spring when that company's schedule has some openings. At this point we are working on getting our finances in place but feel very strongly that this reno needs to happen in 2015. Being so short with such a high bathtub is difficult enough but bathing Owen (and another one later in the year) is also a bit of a struggle. I'd also like to mention that having just one toilet in a house is crazy. I can't stand it. Stay tuned for another post soon regarding our plans for adding a half bath!


Amanda said...

like your idea of flooring in the bathroom, but if water leaks, the wood or laminate might warp. I've seen some cool looking wood looking ceramic tile at Home Depot

Vanessa Wiest said...

I was thinking the same. The image is actually one of their wood ceramic tiles :)


Amanda said...

do you have a before shot of your bathroom?