Bathroom Remodel {2} - Half Bath Styleboard

In addition to renovating our main bath, we both feel pretty strongly that we need to add a half bath in the space directly underneath our main bath.  I am so sick of living in a house with one toilet. Sure, normally it's no problem at all. Until it is one. Then it sucks.

Right now, that room is used for storage.


We have so many items in there that are either way too heavy to carry down to the basement or that we don't feel comfortable putting in the basement. That along with all the randoms that I simply throw in there because I'm just that lazy. My desire would be to have one side of the room be the half bath (with the likely possibility of adding in a stackable washer/dryer in the future) and the other side be a little play area for the boys.

The doorway to this room is teeny tiny so I'd love to open that up as well. I've also recently moved my desk in there so that Owen could have more dedicated space space to play and run around in. When we remodel, the desk will need to end up somewhere else. Where it was originally or simply taken apart. We shall see. My guess is that it will go back to it's original spot.

With all of that in mind, here is the styleboard!

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