The Bump II {7} - Recap: 28-32 weeks

Energy & Motivation
I can hardly believe yet another four weeks have flown by. I honestly feel like I just wrote the last update. It has been quite the month though.  Let's just do a quick recap. 29 weeks - Owen had a fever for four days. 30 weeks - anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Camp! This felt like the longest week ever! At least we were all healthy! 31 weeks - Owen got a stomach bug, then I got it too. Made me appreciate the fact that I never had morning sickness sooooo very much. And then at 32 weeks - Owen got (and still has) a nasty cold and I got a super fun sore throat. Despite more sickness, I found a few brief moments of energy to do simple things. Laundry, the dishes.........and that's about it. At this point, I call that success :) We were also able to purchase about 90% of the items we need for baby #2. And even better - we've officially got the crib set up! I was feeling super anxious this past weekend so I made sure it got put together. Thanks, Gspice!

If you can believe it, absolutely nothing. It's so difficult these days to find things to eat that I'll actually enjoy. Sadly, most everything I eat is a disappointment. The one exception - the chocolate chocolate muffin from Kwik Trip. O.M.G.

Pregnancy Symptoms
Not much new here except that I definitely have more heartburn now than I did before. And it's all the time. Standing up, sitting down, laying down. Will this little bug have more hair than Owen? I suppose we shall see! I also seem to be a bit more anxious and emotional these days. I have the occasional freak out or meltdown. Apparently, one night when I went to bed early, Gary wanted to leave and pick up something at the store. He was kind enough to wake me to ask if that was okay. I don't recall this but I cried and said something like, "you can't leave me!" Ummm.......

Still LOTS of movement. I'm not completely sure but I think he's dropped too. I feel super heavy near the bottom of my bump at times but then not at others so perhaps he's still squirming all over the place. One thing baby #2 does that completely freaks me  out - making sure there's always a movement right where my belly button is located. Wow, that is an awkward, almost terrifying feeling. I realize with all this movement that he's still got a lot of room to grow and this bump is nowhere near as big as it will get! Gspice has gotten to feel his movements quite a bit but I can't seem to get Owen to care enough just yet. Does that surprise me? Not in the least. At this point I just need to keep him from hitting or kicking the bump himself!

Bump Update
Sorry everyone, I'm not having twins. Take a look at someone who is or did at 32 weeks and you'll see the difference. People are just not used to seeing such a short person pregnant. I've got a short torso too so out goes the bump. I still feel huge myself but every once in awhile, I look in the mirror and see a normal looking bump. That'll get me through the next 6-10 weeks!

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