The Bump II {8} - Recap: 32-36 weeks

Energy & Motivation
I'm glad we've made it through this last set of four weeks.We started it off with Owen having a nasty cold. Poor guy coughed so much one night, we took him to urgent care early the next morning. There he was diagnosed with bronchitis and an ear infection. I, too, had a pretty nasty head and chest cold but was in the clear for anything else. Sadly that took every last bit of energy I had for a solid 2 weeks. We have very little lingering affects still but nothing like before. Thankfully, as the cold dissipated, I got incredibly motivated! Nesting has come in full swing - baby proofing for Owen, moving my desk, sorting baby clothes, putting this little bundle's nursery space together, organizing closets and on and on. I wish I could do more but my body just can't handle it. I've worked myself too hard a couple of times and each time the next day my body was screaming, "What are you doing to me?!" Once I had an incredibly sore lower back and another time felt braxton hicks, unusual for both pregnancies so far. And now, when I'm starting to recognize when I should slow down and take a break, I cannot get comfortable (like in this very moment! Thank goodness for Top Chef on Hulu Plus! Side note: I am so happy it's now on Hulu Plus but I  am four episodes behind since they are locked. I'm going to need to stay off Facebook so I don't accidentally find out the winner of this season!)

I cannot keep my hands off of Cosmic Brownies. Sadly, I try to keep it to just two a day and I don't always succeed. Gspice took the last brownie one time and when I found out, I'm surprised I didn't chop all his fingers off. Somehow, I've only gained 23 pounds so far and I'm really unsure how. I eat way too much of all the wrong things - sweets and carbs primarily. I'm also starting to want beef jerky again. I can't wait until I'm not pregnant just so I can make some. Bridget & Dad - let's set a date!

Pregnancy Symptoms
Tums and my preggo body pillow are my two best friends. I'm not sleeping so well these days but they definitely help. I find that if I go a couple of days without using the body pillow between my legs, I don't sleep at all because my hip hurts and will continue to hurt all day long. Lesson learned! My bump is now super-sized so turning around is an Olympic event. I don't always win. Just the other day, I slipped while doing something stupid (walking down a snowy hill) and definitely pulled something or got something out of place. Not only could I BARELY walk but I physically couldn't turn from side to side while laying down. During the night, I like to turn over at least 4-6 times a night.I woke Gary up this particular night because I was crying from so much pain trying to turn over. I somehow managed to sleep on my right  side for the entire night. Other symptoms include starting to feel a little swollen after a long day but nowhere near the elephant feet I sported with Owen yet. My hands too - I took off my rings at 35 weeks this time around.

Little man still moves around quite a bit but he's definitely super low. The kicks and punches are now well below my bellow button. Being so low makes my bump feel even more heavy than before and every once in awhile, the nudges get a wee bit uncomfortable. I can hardly complain though. He likes to keep really busy during the day and is relatively quiet during the night. All my moving around though does wake him sometimes.With as much movement that he does provide, I can imagine that he'll be just like his very busy big brother.

Bump Update
I'm getting bigger and bigger every day! My clothes are reaching their maximum stretch capacity and I'm in definite waddle mode now :)

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