The best Chicago Trip EVER!

Soooo I'm engaged....(OMG I KNOW!)

Gary and I finally traveled to Chicago, our favorite vacation city (however, if we ever make it to Canada, I'm sure that will take the cake).  Actually getting on the road was a bit troublesome as we had errands up the wazzoo to take care of: send our Chegg books back, get my present from Admissions, check our mail, get dolla billz, and sadly say tootles to Kendra and Andrew.  Once we made it to Chicago we had to find our Hotel, the Residence Inn in downtown Chicago.  The hotel was amazingly adorable.  It had a full kitchen and a walk-in shower.  Gotta love Marriott :)  Thursday night we headed to Second City which was funny once again.  Our seats weren't as good as last time but thank god we didn't try to walk the 20+ blocks.  We were smart enough to take the CTA...

Friday was the big day for plenty of reasons.  To me: we were going to watch Avatar in 3-D and go to Lawry's.  For Gary: Avatar and proposing.  Avatar was AMAZING!  I was a wee bit nervous that I'd get motion sickness but surprisingly, I managed the 2.5 hours just fine.  After the movie, we went back to the hotel to relax and get ready for Lawry's.  While watching Wheel of Fortune and finishing my make-up, I overheard Gary counting, but being preoccupied, it didn't really phase me.  Once I was finished, Gary wanted to take a picture.  Of course I thought it was because we looked really nice, but for Gary he reallly wanted to pull out the box when the timer went off.  But he got scared.  So then after the picture we hugged and he began saying sweet things (that I can no longer remember).  The moment I knew he was going to ask me was when I tried to put my arms around his side, but his left hand wouldn't move out of his pocket.  At that moment, Gary went down on one knee and then I started balling.  Of course I said yes.  and the ring is breathtakingly beautiful.  To this day I can't stop staring.  Then we went to Lawry's (SO GOOD).  To finish the night, we celebrated with a bottle of wine that took us literally 10 minutes to open.  Stupid cork wouldn't move.

Saturday was our day to shop, shop, shop.  I bought some dresses and he bought some comics.  It was perfect. Then we went to Harry Carey's for dinner.  Yum Yum.  Then we booked it to the theatre to watch Up in the Air which is super good too.

This trip will never be forgotten.  I love Gary so much and I can't wait to marry him.

Here are some pics from the trip:

Avatar Glasses.  We didn't get to keep them....

right after :-D


 Harry Carey's!

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