The Blizzard Rant

"More than a foot of snow was expected in parts of Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa, where the National Weather Service warned of "extremely dangerous blizzard conditions" and near whiteout driving conditions. Wind gusts of up to 50 mph could build snow drifts between 8 and 15 feet tall."

Yes, the weather man has said this wonderful snowy weather is a monster, but is it reeeeeaaaallllly that bad? NO!  Let's all just be thankful that we are still alive and are able to walk and can still function.  Sure, most of the parking lots and even some of the sidewalks on campus have not been plowed, but what's the problem?  SNOWSUIT UP and walk to class or work or wherever else it is you absolutely have to be during this frosty tundra blizzard we are encountering.  And let us all remember that YOU (most of you) are not doing the work so let's just keep our mouths shut.  If you could do a better job, please, be my guest and do the plowing of the entire city yourself.

Sorry to those that I may offend, especially to my friends who may really hate the plowers right now.  I bid you good luck with getting to work and I hope you get there safely.

Having worked in the hospitality industry for a few years now, I understand how hard it is to keep EVERYONE happy.  It simply does not work.

"snowsuit up" comes from my favorite show: How I Met Your Mother or HIMYM.  Watch it.

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