I Seriously Have No Life

Over all of my headaches and meltdowns of having too much school work and too much work to do, I LOVE my life.  I like being able to work a lot every week because I value every single dollar I make.  However, sometimes it can be a bit much.

Like today:
8:30am-1:30pm - Work in Admissions
1:30pm-1:35pm - Change for Hotel Work
1:35pm-1:40pm - Drive to Hotel
1:45pm-2:30pm - Prep back of the house for Alberts
2:30pm-4:30pm - Re-Set upstairs banquet rooms
4:30pm-7:00pm - Go back downstairs to work in Alberts
7:00pm-9:30pm - Go back upstairs for Banquet dinner service
9:30pm-11:00pm - Go back downstairs for Alberts closing duties
11:00pm-???? - Go back upstairs for Banquet closing duties

Oh dear...

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