I now have only 70 days left in Chicago.  How strange is that?  I'm 1/3 of the way done.  I can't say that I'm really upset by that.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Chicago and my internship but I miss Decorah.  I miss bigger kitchens and nicer showers and knowing people when I walk down the street.  And not spending everything when I go out.  And I miss Gary.  I miss having him around.  This talking on the phone or aim thing just doesn't cut it.  Good thing we will never have to do this again. ever.

The past two weeks seem to have gone by sooooo fast!  I have been busy with homework and ATHENA and art events, etc, etc.  Gary came to visit last weekend as well.  To say that it was amazing is an understatement.  Being away from him for 3 weeks was honestly the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with and I cried way too much. We didn't do much as far as exploring the city but that didn't really matter.  Saturday was a big day for me because we had our progressive dinner, which in this case meant that there were 3 apartments that had appetizers, 3 for entrees and 4 for desserts.  I had a budget of $75-100 to make an entree for 20-25 people. And let me just tell you, I dominated that budget.  We had (by estimation of course) about 40-45 people come to our room and we only spent $80.  Hells yes.  Gary helped out A LOT by making the salad, which was delicious!  It was a simple caesar salad but it was great.  I made the main dish which of course was the pastina chicken bake that Kendra and I made at Luther.  We made about 6x the original recipe and it was SOOOOOO GOOD. the entire hallway which is like a city block long smelled amazing.  And I think about 90% of the people who tried it loved it.  People now know me as the engaged girl who made the pasta.  I don't even care that they don't know my name.  They liked my food! I really loved being a part of the dinner and hope that I can do that again sometime.  Perhaps the summer housing staff would like this...

Nothing too exciting has happened this week but I did go to an art event at the Lifeline Theatre, Mrs. Caliban.  It was a realllllly good play.  It was heart wrenching even though there was a man as a green monster in it.  I recommend that everyone either read the story or go to the play :)

Oh and today I went swimming!  I haven't swam in YEARS.  literally.  But i went because running has been hurting my knee a bit.  It was so much fun but i need a workout to follow....I kinda look like an idiot....but at least i got a workout out of it ;)

Now all I need to do is all of my hw.  bummer.

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