I got a feelin!

Watching my roomies work out on the wii fit is probably the funniest thing I have seen in awhile.  Too bad I'm too lazy to try it myself.....I am however, not too lazy to snack on those stupid oreo's that I brought.  They need to be gone!

Gary came to move me in on Saturday and then after I crammed all my stuff into my liiitle corner of the room, I made my way to Gary's hotel.  We hit up the Hard Rock Cafe and it was aaammmaaazzzziiinnnggg as always.  We even got the new dessert thingys.  Yes, the strawberry vanilla cheesecake is TOTALLY worth the $3.49.  After dinner, being stuffed and all, we decided NOT to keep drinking (always making good decisions) and went to borders.  I was like a kid in a candy store because I 1. found a place to sit down, 2. read my favorite berenstein bears book, Too Much Junk Food, and 3. 2 little kids were sitting next to me speaking spanish but reading in english.  They were soooo cute.

Once we returned to the hotel we watched Love Happens and then I completely passed out during the Miss America Pageant.  It was no Miss USA....  Sadly, Gary had to leave on Sunday so I was back at my apt by noon.  Having him here was so great but I couldn't kiss him because I had 2 small cold sores.  It was so incredibly difficult not to kiss him and it still kills me.  I want him here so badly :(  And yeah, those stupid cold sores are almost gone because I'm awesome with the Abreva.  Damn the poor timing.

Having new roomies is bringing a whole new side of myself.  Not anything dramatic, but I am actually doing my dishes.  Like right after I use them.  Never in my life have I done this.  I just hate doing them.  Period.  But Our kitchen is so tiny that it's absolutely essential.  I don't want them to hate me :)

Besides taking a nap and watching the bachelor, that's it for tonight.  We'll soon be watching HIMYM!!!!!!!!!!!! right after Elaine comes back from her chocolate/wine run.  I'll just stick with my oreo's.


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